Labour and waste reduction

SPB’s systems help reduce the resources needed to handle your by-products and our monitoring system helps reduce your waste volumes.

SPB’s collection systems are the most advanced on the market. Our automated equipment can increase your productivity and help you realize substantial savings.

Labour reduction

  • No labour is needed to install the systems or their mechanical maintenance. SPB assumes all maintenance responsibilities.
  • There’s no need to remove packaging from your by-products. SPB accepts them in their original packaging.
  • Our automated system identifies each cart and weighs it, then transmits the information to a database.
  • The fill level of each container is measured in real time, using telemetry, and containers are collected as soon as they reach a set capacity. Monitoring by plant employees is unnecessary and the risk of an overladen floor or interrupted production is minimal.
  • The system design minimizes cleaning time.

SNC-Lavalin and LG Consultech experts confirm that these items significantly increase resource availability. In your plant, this could save you a significant number of person-hours per year.

Waste reduction

  • Continuous electronic monitoring of by-product and reject volumes means waste sources can be identified on a daily basis.
  • Supervisors and managers can use this data to accurately identify sources of waste and, as a result, optimize production lines.
  • Our tightly sealed systems minimize the risk of a pest entry incident.

Experts agree that SPB systems help optimize waste management and significantly reduce waste. They also estimate that a temporary interruption in the production process due to an infestation can be a substantial add up cost for a plant – a risk that is greatly reduced with our equipment.