We’ve distilled over fifty years of experience into our range of premium-grade, CFIA-approved products.

Each one is the result of a fine-tuned process developed with three key factors in mind: quality, consistency and sustainability.

Our customers are loyal. They know we, as Canada’s leading feed ingredient manufacturer, never accept mediocrity, and that we invest heavily in our methods to keep you, your animals and the planet happy.

Because for us, it’s all or nothing. The very best or nothing at all.


Our flagship product.

Formulated specifically for poultry, swine and pets, Energo® is a highly palatable, digestible and energy-dense ingredient that’ll add immediate value to your feed.

Energro® is a combination of SPB-selected bakery waste, sweet goods and chips (corn/potato), purified and balanced by us to make it nutritious, tasty and eco-friendly. Our hygienic processes and thorough quality checks guarantee superior quality and consistency.


A premium bakery meal for animal feed, Ingenex has the highest available calorie and fat content, packing over 100kcal/kg more than anything else on the market.

We’re a quality-driven feed ingredient manufacturer, so we only make Ingenex with genuine food-grade components. And, thanks to our controlled drying process, we’re able to ensure high bioavailability for amino acids – the essential building blocks for growing animals.

Ingenex is our low-sodium, high-starch bakery meal specifically for poultry, swine and pet feeds.

SPB Oat Hulls

A quality source of insoluble dietary fibre – vital for poultry (particularly newly hatched chicks) and early-weaned piglets.
SPB Oat Hulls improve your young animals’ immune systems and nutrient absorption naturally and holistically, and can give them what probiotics can’t:

  • Higher enzyme activity
  • Improved gut microbial composition
  • Improved gizzard development and functionality
  • Reduced feather-picking
  • Calmer behaviour

SPB Oat Hulls are available as a mash, or as pellets sized 6mm or 3mm.


Specially designed for early-weaned piglets, Gelstarch is a unique source of oat co-products sourced from the human oat cereal industry.

We create the 3 mm pellets at our HACCP-certified mill in Peterborough, Ontario. And, because 90-92% of the total starch content is gelatinized, it’s extraordinarily digestible.

Over 80% of Gelstarch is cooked oat co-products, with the remainder made up of vegetable fats and sugars, making this product an excellent energy source that’s nutritious and palatable for piglets while improving the viscosity of their gut digesta.

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