Creating top-quality ingredients from Canadian bakery by-products is our bread and butter.

With over fifty years’ experience, SPB Solutions enable Canada’s animal feed manufacturers to invest in pure, sustainable and nutritionally superior products made exclusively from food surplus.

How does it work?

We collect the inevitable byproducts from Canada’s largest bakeries and other agri-food businesses, and take them to either our Quebec or Ontario facilities. There, we reengineer, process and convert the materials into high-quality additions to animal feed.

And our former food stuff processing goes way beyond that.

Minimizing waste.

Maximizing value.

Prioritizing Earth.

Quality, consistency and sustainability are our guiding lights. That’s why the SPB Solutions team are unique in that we have specialist support, quality and nutrition teams on site.


We don’t do average. Everything we make is premium-grade, specially formulated by animal nutritionists, sourced responsibly and rigorously tested by quality experts.

With SPB Solutions, the future of feed is here. And it’s circular.


But it’s not just animals and our customers that benefit from what we do. The planet does too.

By upcycling Canadian food surplus that is otherwise destined for landfill, we’re preventing unnecessary loss and giving nature room to breathe.

And, as loyal members of CREM, we’re 100% committed.

Work with us

Sure, we’re pioneers of Canada’s circular economy, but we’ve never lost our family feel. At SPB Solutions, we value our people enormously, and welcome anyone with the right skills, mindset and ethos.

If you are interested in developing environmental solutions, and in the process of former food stuff, take a look at our current vacancies!


If you want your bakery’s by-products to go further or want to give your animal feed recipes a boost, we should talk. Drop us a line or call us today.