customized and integrated : that meets your needs

Our collection systems are customized to meet your needs and work with your processes. Our goal is to simplify your management tasks by integrating the collection and disposal of your by-products with your operations.


Our services include:

  • Design, development, implementation and commissioning of collection systems designed specifically to meet your requirements and those of your manufacturing process. Our systems are equipped with:
        • Powerful compactors, adapted to your needs
        • Cylindrical containers or trailers equipped with moving floors
        • Vestibules and dumpers
        • Wheeled carts to collect by-products
        • Integrated weighing systems
        • Telecom modems
        • Collection data management software
  • Complete site maintenance
  • We receive and compact by-products from your plant and unsold or expired products from distribution centers, with their packaging.
  • Comprehensive operational support, including:
        • Training your personnel on our own collection equipment
        • Coordinating all logistics related to the loading of our containers, using remote monitoring
        • Technical database support providing you with statistics on your waste levels
        • Comprehensive reports and business reviews as often as you choose

As a responsible company, we’re also committed to implementing a follow-up and continuous improvement program as part of a long-term service agreement.