Bringing value to the feed industry since the 60’s

ENERGRO® is the flagship product of SPB Solutions. A combination of inedible bakery waste, sweet goods and chips (corn/potatoes) recovered from the food industry.

ENERGRO® is a highly palatable (cooked starch, fats and sugar), highly digestible (cooked starch), energy dense and sanitized (heat dried) feed ingredient. These attributes and its handling ease make ENERGRO® an attractive value added ingredient for poultry, swine feeds and pet foods. ENERGRO® is an integral part of your feed formula.

A second to none commitment to quality is among SPB Solutions priorities. Selective collection, hygienic processing, quality checks guarantee a high quality and consistent product that the feed millers are looking for.

SPB Solutions by its recovery system, processing, reengineering of food ingredients and products is part of the environmentally friendly solutions.