50% renewable Bio based content

EkstendTM is a bio-based ingredient used in resins for injection molding. It allows you to increase the green component of your products while reducing your costs. EkstendTM is one of the most technologically advanced ingredients in today’s green resins. It is most commonly produced in pellet form, containing polypropylene, plant fibres and additives. Used as an ingredient, these pellets are then mixed with your resin pellets to create a resin blend used in molded plastic products.

Ekstend product

In addition to helping you capture greater green-market share, EkstendTM also ensures you benefit from many other advantages including:

Safeguard the Environment

  • Increase renewable carbon: EkstendTM increases the amount of renewable carbon in the final product. This is perhaps the most significant environmental benefit and, as a result, EkstendTM has been certified by the BioPreferred Program USDA. 
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint: The ingredient EkstendTM captures many tons of CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.
  • Agricultural residue – 100% renewable: EkstendTM is a by-product, a residue of food production that doesn’t compete with food or fuel production. 

Lower Production Costs

  • Reduce energy consumption: The ingredient EkstendTM requires a lower processing temperature in the barrel, as well as less cooling due to a higher mold cavity temperature. 
  • Lower cycle time requirements: EkstendTM allows you to manufacture more parts per hour due to lower processing temperatures. 
  • Lightweight: EkstendTM reduces weight when compared to mineral ingredients such as talc or calcium carbonate. 
  • Recycled resins can be used.

Quality & Service Guaranteed

  • Consistent Formulation: SPB’s proprietary production methods ensure EkstendTM‘s formulation is always consistent. 
  • Reliable supply: SPB can commit to long term supply agreements.
  • Optimized for Your Needs: EkstendTM pellet size and resin characteristics can be optimized for your specific application.
  • Technical Service: SPB will work with your engineers to fine tune the process parameters for optimal production.

Call us today to determine how EkstendTM can benefit your business.

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