Unparalleled experience

SPB is the only Canadian business whose activities deal solely with by-product conversion and the development of turn-key recovery sites adapted to the specific needs of each of its clients. SPB only collects and converts by-products from bakeries and related industries. It does not collect any other type of by-product or waste that might represent a risk of cross-contamination for your organization. As such, there is no risk of us introducing waste from animal or household origin on your site.

SPB uses customized waste collection equipment that is specific-product dedicated. This process, coupled with the adjacent to your plant hook up, makes the likely hood of cross contamination almost nil.

It’s not surprising that experts at SNC-Lavalin reached the following conclusion after comparing SPB’s systems to those of other collection services:
“In our opinion … in comparison with competitors … SPB has a superior technology to collect food by-products with respect to food safety, American Institute of Baking Standards and Occupational Health & Safety Act …”