A responsible company

Where others see waste, SPB sees your responsibility as a corporate citizen working in the food industry. We help you protect your brand equity and reputation. For consumers, investors and governments, a business’s global involvement is just as important as its financial results. As such, businesses must firmly commit to product safety, environmental protection and sustainable development. At SPB, we work hard to protect your reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

This assurance is supported by two commitments:

  • The complete denaturation of the original by-product :

The by-products we collect are compacted right on your site. Your waste cannot be re-integrated into the food chain. It is processed and sold for animal feed under CFIA laws.

  • A collection process that complies with the most stringent standards :

Studies undertaken by SNC-Lavalin and Hill Engineering compared SPB’s customized systems with those of others. Findings showed that, both inside and outside the plant, SPB’s equipment provided a high level of cleanliness. Moreover, the experts at Arexan Technologies stated that: “The SPB system not only has a good appearance, but is a showcase of technology, safety, design and modern waste management.”