Real-time remote monitoring

Real-time remote monitoring of your waste levels lets us dispatch our trucks just in time and avoid process interruptions. The customized systems we install at our client sites are equipped with radio-frequency units and connected to our computers using telemetry technology.


Each cart has its own electronic chip/bar code. When a cart is introduced into the vestibule, it is recognized, weighed and automatically identified by its line number. Using radio frequency, this data is transmitted to a central system which, in turn, stores it in an information database.

This technology was developed by SPB and is unique on the market. For manufacturers, it has two definite advantages:

  • The fill level of the containers is monitored in real time, which means our trucks can be dispatched and picked up when needed.
  • Our management software monitors by-product volumes, providing continuous, real-time access to critical statistics on waste volumes and sources to help optimize production.