Minimum contamination risk

Our collection systems are designed to ensure maximum cleanliness of your facilities.
Both at manufacturing sites and in its own facility, SPB ensures that its equipment do not contaminate its clients’ production lines.

  • Our equipment is tightly sealed and weatherproof. The risk of getting insects, birds or rodents into your facilities through our equipment is significantly reduced.
  • Our containers are used to collect bakery by-products and related materials. Hazardous and rendering products are not handled by SPB Solutions.
  • Our containers and trucks do not service landfill sites. As such, the risk of our containers transporting pests, animals or contaminated materials is significantly reduced. 
  • Our containers are washed and sanitized on our premises after every delivery. This greatly reduces the cross-contamination risks.
  • Our containers’ cylindrical shape prevents dust and snow accumulation and helps keep them clean.