An expertise unique and innovative in the food industry

SPB services Canada’s largest food manufacturers. We are well positioned to efficiently and effectively meet your needs across the country. SPB takes charge of your entire by-product management cycle, from collection at your facilities or distribution centers to conversion and recovery.

Products covered by our services include :

  • Breads, dough, dry yeasts, cereals and cereal by-products
  • Cookies, granola bars, cakes and crackers
  • Pasta
  • Chips and other snack foods


Our real-time remote monitoring system allows our trucks to be dispatched to your site before your containers reach their weight limit. With this approach, you’re assured that your operations are not impeded by an unforeseen accumulation of by-products.

Our equipment meets the most stringent standards. In fact, we use it to remove packaging and other contaminants from by-products, after which they are converted into high-quality products for animal feed manufacturers (ENERGRO®) and bio-based resins for injection molders (EkstendTM).